My day yesterday inspired this post. Yesterday was my favorite day, Leg day. I love doing legs.  I feel the strongest when I do them. Plus I get to do my favorite exercise, sprints. I want to give you some great exercises  to incorporate into your regimen. These lifts are great muscle builders for your legs and great ways to lose fat.  Whether you want to build nice massive legs, looking to change up your workout, or get them glutes looking nice. These are some leg exercises  that I recommend.

First the king of all leg lifts, the squat. This is one of my favorite exercises. It’s really the king of all leg lifts. It’s a great lift to target your quadriceps, hamstrings, and for the ones looking to build that booty, your gluteus. I like doing this lift first, it’s the lift I want to be my strongest when I do them. I usually do 3 sets with rep ranges ranging from 6-8.

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If you want to up your squat game. Try doing pause squats. This lift is the same as the squat, but at the bottom of the lift you pause. To do this lift you start off like a regular squat, squat down until your thighs are below parallel or as low as you can and pause for a second or two. This is a great exercise to build power in your legs and explosiveness.  I like to explode up after I pause. I do the same number of sets and repetitions as the squat. Sets of 3-5 with reps of 6-8. Try adding this lift to your leg day.

This is my favorite exercise, it is probably on top of any other lift,   sprints. This is not only a great way to burn fat, but also a great way to build muscle to your legs. They target your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves  and another way to build that booty. My gym has a 25 yard turf and track. I usually do them on there, but If your gym doesn’t have them. This exercise is great because you can do them anywhere there is room to run. If you have a short distance somewhere, 15-30 yards. Try adding sprints to your workout.  I like to do short reps unless your lungs can handle them. Sets of 3 of 2-4 reps are more than enough for this exercise. You can also try and beat your sprint times each day. This is a great exercise to accompany with pause squats if you are looking to build explosiveness and power.

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Another favorite lift of mine and I believe is the most underrated leg lift. Good mornings, explained by one of the “youbers” I follow Omar Isuf here This lift will help improve your dead lifts and squats. It will also help strengthen your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and core. I keep my rep ranges to 6-8 with sets of 3 as well with this. When first starting this lift, I recommend on going light and perfecting the form first. Once you get comfortable with the lift. You can start adding weight.

What I like to end my workouts with are some isolations lifts, lifts that isolate our muscles. If your gym has a leg extension machine, this is a great lift that isolates your quadriceps. I like keeping my reps high for these, sets of 4 with reps of 8-10. Hamstring curls are also a great lift to do. If your gym has this machine, they are a great way to workout your hamstrings. I keep these high as well with Sets of 4 and reps of 8-10.

One lift I like to add to build sexier legs and are easier for your back are Goblet squats. Shown here You can use a kettle bell or  dumbbells  for these.  This is a great way to build nice legs if squats aren’t working well for you. I like to do 3 sets of 6-8 with this lift.

These are my recommendations for great leg workouts. Whether you are looking to build muscle or lean out, try  adding  these to your  workout!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about anything send them over to

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