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Here are some people that I follow on YouTube that were a big part in my fitness journey. I thought you all would want to know who they are and maybe they could benefit you as well. I learned most if not all my knowledge about  fitness through them. I’ve tried all the techniques they suggested and narrowed down to a few that really worked well for me. Most of them have moved on from YouTube and focused on something else, but they have a ton of great content for you to go through and maybe benefit you.

First I want to start off with my favorite youbers, The Hodgetwins. These twins basically started it for me. They educated me about intermittent fasting, which I’m an advocate for. I’ll  talk about this in another blog, I highly recommend doing this if you have the will power to do so for losing weight. These twins are hilarious you can see by the videos they post. They posted a lot of training videos and videos on different types of lifts, but they are busy with their new found career of comedy and only post about food they eat. They still have great content you can look at for different types of lifts, recommendations, advice and a bunch of other stuff. I highly suggest checking these twins out for all of your fitness needs here

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Another is Michael Kory. This guy has a ton of videos for different types of recipes, I’ve gone to him numerous times for great recipes to incorporate into my meals. If you’re tired of that plain ol’ chicken breast  everyday, check out his Youtube page. They’re all great for reaching your goals. He has different types of recipes that will definitely make your stomach and body happy. He has a recipe on some bodybuilding  nachos that I’ve made a few times and were very delicious. Something different than your typical chicken breast, tuna, fish, and brown rice.  He also hasn’t made much recipe videos lately because he’s been focusing on getting his gym up and running. Check out his Youtube channel here

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Omar Isuf is a great “youber” in terms of educating his subscribers. I’ve gone to him many times looking for different types of lifts to add to my workout regimen and get educated on a lot of lifts. He’s a great teacher and will help you in  all your lifting needs. Ranging from techniques, which lifts are geat for certain things, Tutorials, and just knowledge about lifting. He’s great if your new to this lifestyle. He will teach you a lot of the basics. Check him out here , he also collabed with other youbers and created a great plan to increase your bench here

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Sean Nalewanyj is someone I recently got acquainted with. He has a lot of helpful tips  on everything from  nutrition,  supplement, and training advice. I learned about a basic pre-workout stack from him. This stack only costs about 40 cents a workout compared to the 30-50 dollars a bottle you would spend for your average bottle of pre-workout. I highly recommend taking a look at this stack. It has worked wonders for me. I also recommend going to him if you are new to this lifestyle. He has a ton of helpful tips. Even if you’re a veteran there might be a few things he can teach or  help you with .

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There you are,   a few  “youbers’ I follow. There are some more, but I believe these are the top ones you should take a look at.  Check out their channel if you’d like to get educated on a bunch of things. Thanks for taking the time out to check out and read my blog! Remember Yes You KEN!

  • Ken

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