If you are wondering what a macro is, it’s  short for macronutrient. Your protein, carbs and fats. You might ask why? These are needed for my favorite way to diet.  IIFYM (If it fits your macros). This is my go to for dieting. Whether it’s  getting  them washboard abs or bulking up and  getting massive guns.

You might have heard this method several times from   many people.  This approach to dieting  is used by many.

I  like to approach every diet goal I’m trying to reach with this method. I feel like it is the easiest and most efficient way to tackle your diet. First you have to figure out your numbers. How much protein, fats and carbs you need. I use Michael Kory’s way to find these numbers shown here. If you are bulking (gaining weight) here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa1DOQ2r5MQ&index=3&list=PLiifvwf9Mx_1k-9mDsRRnCEo7aO9Uy3o2. If you are looking to cut (lose weight) here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa1DOQ2r5MQ&index=3&list=PLiifvwf9Mx_1k-9mDsRRnCEo7aO9Uy3o2.

Why is this important you may ask. It is important because for example if you’re looking to build muscle it is important to track your protein and carbs which are essential for building muscle. For cutting it’s important for track your fats and carbs which are important for losing weight.

Another major factor why  tracking  macros is great . You are  able to eat more satisfying meals rather than having chicken breast, tuna, and brown rice all the time. For example maybe one day you are craving for a burger or maybe ice cream. You are able to eat these things as long as it fits within your numbers. I’m not lying! You really can eat those things whether you are looking to cut or bulk up! It’s really that simple. You can get those abs you’ve always wanted or 12 inch guns by eating burgers, ice cream, and pop tarts. You don’t have to sacrifice the food you love to eat.

You can eat whatever you like just as long as you are within your numbers and your daily calorie intake. This is the main reason why I love tackling my diet with this method. It is very simple! I eat the same big meals every time I workout, but I don’t mind. To keep me sane I like to fit in some sugary cereal and some pop tarts in my diet. It not only keeps me sane but I try something different every time I finish with a box of cereal or pop tarts. You really don’t have to DIE when you diet.  Here is a more in depth look at this way of dieting shown by Omar  Isuf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZC_Em6GtjY

Try using this method on your next attempt at reaching your goal. Trust me, you will love it too and remember YES YOU KEN! Email your questions to yesyouken90@gmail.com

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