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It’s the first of the month, why not start it off with something I think everyone should know and give my take on dieting. Diet, many   of you have heard of it, but few understand.

I’ve spoken to and come by a lot of people who have different ways of looking at a diet. Whether they are looking to gain weight or shed a few pounds. It isn’t easy as some people think it may be.

A lot of people have that mentality where they think they can just eat whatever they want, workout and expect to see change.

It’s not that simple, transformation for your body takes a lot of time and patience. There isn’t a pill or special drink that will magically make you skinny or buff. If it was that simple, everyone you’d come across would have the body they want. I like to tell my friends this; all you need are 2 things hard work and dedication. The hard work you put in the gym/diet and Dedication to your goal.  You need to put in work not only in the gym, but also in your eating habits.

For example if you like to drink alcohol, you need to completely cut that out if you’re really serious about transforming your body.  Think about it,  it’s all  just carbs. You’re drinking calories straight up. If you are a heavy drinker that can drink  a lot of drinks. An average pint of beer has about 200 calories.  If you drink 5 in one day that’s already 1000 calories of what I like to call empty calories.

If you like to drink mixed drinks, an average mixed drink is about 100 calories. 5 a day  comes out to 500 empty calories. Not only that, think of all the sugar you get from them. It all adds up and at the end of the day you could  be close to 3000  calories with the drinks and all the food and drunk munchies  you’ve  eaten combined.

Speaking of drunk munchies, they have to go in order to reach your goal and desired body as well. No more fast food joints and eating out has to be kept to a minimum.  If you do go out, stick to the healthier alternatives. Getting them  cheese grater abs is harder than you thought right?

If you are looking to gain weight, you need to watch what you eat as well. It’s not easy as having a seefood diet (whatever you see you eat). If you take that approach you might end up eating more than you really need. All that excess calories will end up becoming fat. By the time you’re done with your bulk, you’ll have gain so much fat and it’ll be twice as hard to cut down and look all sexy. You’ll take even longer to lean out. I like to go 3 to 5 hundred over my maintenance calories; I believe that’s good enough to build muscle and not gain too much fat in the process. You can choose to go more, but remember if you go over too much, all that extra calories will end up becoming  fat.

One thing I like to do to be really accurate with what I put in my body is buy a food scale, measuring cups and spoons.  It can be really tedious measuring everything out, but that is one  price you have to pay in order to get that sexy body. It might seem a lot at first, but as long as you keep doing it,  it will get easy and become second nature, plus it’ll save you some money in the long run. Instead of pouring milk by sight and pouring more than one serving, you measure out one serving and get more out of that gallon of milk.

Looking sexy takes hard work, dedication and patience. If you read my post on what i like to do to attack a diet, you won’t have to die.  All the hard work you put in the goal you’re trying to reach will show in your body I promise! Don’t worry, you got this  in the bag and YES YOU KEN!

– Ken


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