Supplements are a multi-million dollar business. There is a bunch out there, but I believe you only need a few. Here are the supplements I recommend taking. I like to keep it simple and as long as they do the job, I’ll take it.

Let’s first start with what I think is the most essential no matter what your goal is, whey protein. It is really hard to get your daily protein from just food. Some people need 150+ grams of protein. It would be hard to get that simply from your food. You’d have to eat a bunch of steaks. Each scoop of preotein contains around 20+ grams of protein and only has around 100 calories. You can fit this in your diet plan very easily. There are many kinds of whey protein out there. If you want something that just does the job.  I recommend protein from Optimum Nutrition, their gold standard one. It gives you 24 grams of protein with only 120 calories. It is also affordable and great tasting.

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If you’re looking to gain weight and need something with a lot of calories. They also have a great weight gainer that adds a whopping 1000+ calories and 50G of protein. This is a great supplement if you’re looking to reach your caloric intake.

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For those looking for something to help you get that extra push in the gym , I recommend taking this as a pre-workout.  1-2 hundred mg of caffeine and 1 gram of L-tyrosine. I’ve used this and I must say it worked very well for me. I was very focused in the gym and had a ton of energy. It’s also very cheap , each workout will only cost you only a couple cents. These two bottle can be purchased at your local supplement store or you can grab them on amazon for a total of 20+$. This will last you for a couple months if you go to the gym a couple times a week. Compared to spending 40-50$ on a bottle of pre-workout that will last you for maybe a month

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If you’re looking to gain weight and want to build some muscle, I recommend taking creatine. This is a supplement that is proven to help you in the gym and help you push heavier weight/get those extra reps, which means more muscle building. You can get creatine from food sources but you’ll have to eat a lot of it to get the recommended daily amount. You’d need to eat 3 pounds of steak to get the daily recommended amount. If you buy a supplement, each scoop will give you 5 grams. That’s all you need in a day. There are a ton of creatine supplements out there, but you need creatine monohydrate. I recommend the one by optimum nutrition. It’s cheap and does the job. It also gives you 100+ servings for one bottle. Make sure you drink a lot of water while taking creatine too. Here is a video about creatine by Omar Isuf .

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This last supplement is not really a supplement but I like getting my daily amount in. Fiber is essential for everybody. If you’re fasting it will help you stay full longer when you start your fast and your rear end will be very happy. Women need at least 25 grams of fiber. Men need 30-38 grams. It’s hard getting your fiber in just from food. I like to buy fiber bars, these bars can be bought at your local grocery store. I buy the big box of fiber one bars from Costco. It comes with 48 bars and each bar has 9 grams of fiber. With the right food, you can easily reach your daily recommended amount.

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Your micro-nutrients are also important to get in. Your vitamin Cs, As,  calcium, potassium, etc.  It’s hard getting your daily recommended daily intake from just food. I highly recommend taking in a daily multi-vitamin supplement. Your over the counter one-a-day is good enough.

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These are the supplements I recommend taking. I’m sure there are  a bunch more, but these I feel like are essential. You’re going to reach your next goal, YES YOU KEN!

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