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I’ve written a lot about losing weight and now it’s time to  make some  gains. Whether you’re looking to gain a few pounds, fit in that large tank top,  want to get arms that are illegal to carry around unless you have a permit or hit a new PR. I believe that getting  your calories in are  the priority. You can work out like crazy and do thousands of reps, but they won’t do anything if you don’t eat enough.

It’s calories in vs. calories out. You want to make sure to eat more than your recommended daily caloric intake. You can find this number in a previous post I wrote about calories. Here is a video just in case you forgot by Michael Kory

Let’s use an example person, Tony is 5’7” 140 and is tired of being scrawny and decides he wants to “bulk” up a few pounds. He’s thinking of going to the gym 3-5 days a week, he would need to consume around 3100 calories in order to gain weight. It might seem a lot of food but you can eat that throughout the day. I recommend getting a weight gainer and you’ll be able to drink a lot of those calories, but make sure it’s not replacing most of your meals and you’re getting most of it from food. Treat the gainer as a supplement and you’re drinking it to get in the rest of your calories.

For workouts, I like going high reps. I believe that you need to put tension on your muscles as much as you can,  it will help with building them up. I like going 3-4 sets of 5-7 reps for each lift. You can tweak it to what works best for you.  Here are some tips to help you with your workout.


  1. Mind to muscle connection
    1. I believe this is one of the top advices I can give you. You want to think about the muscle you are working on. For example when you are benching  you want to think about your chest working and contracting. You don’t want to just push the weight. Think about it, you’ll feel it more.
  2. Focus on the negative
    1. When you lift the weight and go back down, you don’t want to just go down and put it back on the rack. Focus on controlling the weight when you go down, going down slowly. You’ll feel your muscles contract. You’ll feel sorer but that’s when you know you are using those muscles, it’s a good sore. The key is time under tension.
  3. Focus on yourself
    1. Don’t worry about the person next to you. You are in your own lane. The person next to you might be lifting more or is bigger, but have that mentality that you’re going to get stronger and bigger than that.  Patience young Padawan
  4. Watch videos on some of the lifts you are doing
    1. I like doing this, I watch a lot of fitness people on YouTube and they give great advice on some of the mistakes on common lifts that people do and how to fix them. I catch a lot of my mistakes when I watch these videos and once I fix them, the lift feels so much better. Omar Isuf has a great video on improving your deadlift Your glass is always half empty, there are always new things to learn about lifting. He also has one on doing dips correctly Keep an open mind and always be willing to learn! Most importantly learn to do them correctly to avoid injury!

5. Don’t forget to track your macros!

6. Sleep! Get plenty of sleep, it is proven that sleep will help build muscle. In my onion, sleep is the best supplement you have. Better than anything you can buy. Try to aim for 8 hours.

Here’s a video on how to figure out your bodybuilding macros by Michael Kory

There you have it, my take on gaining weight. These are things that I believe will help you bust those sleeves, make you buy a bigger size shirt, have guns that will require permits. You’ll hit your next goal, gain that 5 pounds, hit another PR (personal record)! YES YOU KEN!




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