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I wanted to write about my next favorite day, chest day! I love working out chest, I get a great pump every time I do. I like to do whole bunch of workouts to help build them chesticles and target every part of the chest. Here are some of my favorite lifts  to do on  chest day.

Let’s start off with the main lift that I feel like everyone does the bench press! Everybody wants to push a lot of weight on this lift “aye bro how much you bench?” This is a great lift to help build chest, but some people are doing them incorrectly and hurt their shoulders. The key is to press your shoulders on the bench and have your scapula’s touch, keep your shoulders tight, and arch your back to  keep your shoulders  healthy. Here’s is a video by Chris Jones that helps you set up for the bench

Next one I feel like is the king of all chest workouts, dips. Dips are a great lift for your lower part of the chest, I like that dip on my chest to show. It doesn’t only activate your lower chest but it also hits your triceps. I see a lot of people who do this lift and tend to dip forward while they go down and end up hurting their shoulders too. The key is to also retract,  have your scapula’s touch and be upright so you won’t hurt your shoulders when you dip down. Try to go below parallel when you go down or as low as you can go. Here is a video by Omar Isuf showing you how to dip correctly If you’re a beast, you can add weight in between your legs or get  a belt where you can add weight to add more difficulty.

If your gym has a decline bench, you can use that for your lower chest also. This is a great lift to do, but remember to retract your shoulders and keep them tight to prevent injury!

Now for your upper chest, I like to do incline bench press. I don’t like using the fixed incline bench they have at your gym and do barbell incline presses because it seems to be more of a shoulder workout to me. I like to use the bench they have at your gym where you can choose the angle and do dumbbell incline presses. Set the bench to about 30 – 40 degrees, from trial and error and advice from many people I watch on YouTube.  This seems to be the best angle for your upper chest.

If your upper chest is still lagging try doing the landmine chest press lift. This is a lift that will help your upper chest a lot. I like doing these and get that upper chest sore. Here is a video on how to perform them

I also like to isolate the chest to help them grow further and get those titties. If your gym has this machine, I like using the chest fly machine. You can also use dumbbells and  go on the flat bench to help isolate them too like this

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Lastly I like to go back to basics with this one. The good ol’ pushup is  a great tool for working out your chest. They activate muscles that the bench press doesn’t  hit and it’s a great workout too! Challenge your friends when you work out together and see who can do more.

I like to work out my triceps on my chest day as well. Besides the dip this is another favorite tricep workout of mine, the single cable pushdown

There you have it, some of my favorite chest workouts. Try some of these on your next chest day. You might enjoy doing some of them too. I like to do 3-5 sets of 4-7 reps on these lifts, more or less. Tailor it down to what works best for you. Remember the mind to muscle connection and have time under tension, but most importantly YES YOU KEN!!

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