I wanted to give you guys my typical day of eating. You might get some ideas of what to eat to help you reach those goals!

Right now I’m maintaining my weight, long story short. The life threatening accident I had a couple years back is stopping me from putting on muscle. My left side is still weak from the traumatic brain injury I suffered and it wouldn’t make sense to and have one side be bigger than the other. So right now I’m just maintaining my weight and having fun when I hit the gym. Trying out different lifts and seeing which ones I like and will be good to do once I’m fully recovered.  I’m 5’ 7” 150lbs and eat around 2400 calories.

I go to the gym 3 days a week (MWF) in the morning and don’t really track what I eat on my off days.  I usually start my fast depending on how bad I ate on my off day and fast for 16-19 hours.  I stop eating around 7-9 and won’t eat until 2-3 the next day.

My typical day on the days I work out goes like this. Right before I hit the gym, I drink a cup of coffee 20-30 min before my workout. I don’t need much caffeine to give me the energy to kill a workout and a cup of coffee usually does the trick. When I feel like I want go extra hard I take 500 mg of l-tyrosine with my cup of coffee.  I’m at the gym for an hour and a half to 2 hours and break my fast according to how late I ate the day before.

My post workout meal consists of a protein shake and waffles made with Kodiak cakes brand mix. I like to break my fast with a protein shake and I like to  add  dark chocolate to my waffles for some healthy fats and top it off with some lite syrup. This comes to about 310 calories per waffle with the chocolate, and syrup. I usually have 2 servings of the waffles. Protein shakes usually come out to around 140 calories. That’s 450 calories for a waffle and a shake.

Image result for kodiak cakesImage result for optimum nutrition whey

Then maybe 30 min to an hour later I’ll have some cereal and dried fruit. I’m a big cereal fan and to add more calories, fiber, and vitamins I like to add dried fruit. I usually buy “healthy” cereal i.e. cheerios, hone bunches of oats, special k, Kashi, and whatever else you like. Dried fruit I usually buy them at Costco and get that bulk price.  All of this together with milk will comes to around 400 calories. I say that would be great for one meal.You can use whole milk or 2% whatever fits best for you.

Image result for honey bunches of oatsImage result for dried craisins

For my main meal I prepare pasta. Pasta bought in bulk from Costco and ground turkey also bought in bulk from Costco. You can use any sauce, but I prefer red sauce. Classico and Bertolli brand to be exact. You can use any sauce but the calories and macro-nutrients will change. The pasta meal comes out to around 500 calories.You can add whatever you like to your pasta (spices, vegetables, or cheese), but remember to keep in track of the calories and macros

.Image result for ancient grain penne pastaImage result for bertolli pasta sauceImage result for ground turkey 93/7 foster

I like to eat snack in between meals. For example I have fiber one bars to add some fiber to my diet. The bar I eat is 140 calories per bar. I sometimes eat nuts, cookies, anything I can find the fill in the rest of my calories and that fits my macros if I need to eat some more.e creative and eat whatever fits in yours.


I eat the same meal every time I work out and to keep me sane and keep things “juicy”. I like to add some cereal to my diet i.e. lucky charms, captain crunch, and any interesting one I find at the store. Right now I have this blueberry pancake captain crunch cereal that is pretty damn delicious. This meal comes to around 300 calories. This will sort of be my dessert. If you like ice cream, skinny cow is a favorite of mine. It’s great tasting and has great macros.

Image result for blueberry pancake captain crunchImage result for skinny cow ice cream

There you have it, my full day of eating. This is an example of what I eat on my days I go to the gym. I hope you got some ideas on food to eat when you hit the gym from reading this! Remember you can mess around with this and make them perfect for you. For example add more than one serving and have a bigger meal, don’t have to add dried fruit and add fresh fruit instead,  or you can take out the cereal all together and replace it with another treat and  whatever fits around your macros. Thanks for reading and remember YES YOU KEN!



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