Back day is another favorite day of mine. I love doing back workouts and the pump you get from it. From Pull-ups to deadlifts and everything in between.  I believe having a strong back is key to being strong in all your other lifts. Here are my favorite back workouts.

Let’s start with the king of all back workouts, the deadlift.  This is another favorite lift of mine. I started doing sumo deadlift (wider stance) then I fell in love with doing conventional (shoulder length stance). This is the lift where form is key, if your form is crappy you’ll have a one way ticket to snap city and snap something. This isn’t only a great back lift, but it also hits other parts of your body. If you don’t know how to do this lift or you are having trouble with it here’s a video on how to do them It’s a little long but it’s worth not getting injured and learning how to do  the lift correctly.

Image result for deadlifts

Rows are another staple in my workout. I like doing seated cable rows, your gym should have something where you’re able to do these. I do close and wide grip to attack different parts of my back.

Image result for cable rows

If your gym has this, take advantage of it. The T bar row is another great lift to do, I do close and wide grip just to attack the back. You can do different variations of this lift if your gym doesn’t have this machine. For example sticking a bar in the corner and using a close grip attachment and then do some rows.

Image result for t bar rows

If your gym has this machine, I recommend doing it. To not only help hit the rear delt, but to hit your upper back even more. The high row machine, I  started doing these and I fell in love with them.

Image result for high row machine

I also like adding wide and close grip lat pull downs for more variations. Here is how to do the lat pull down You can use the different attachments to change the grips at your gym.


I like to end my workout with these, the good ol’ pull ups. I like to do two variations of the pull up.  I start off with doing regular pull ups, palms facing forward and a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Then I use a neutral grip where your palms are facing each other, your gym should have something where you are able to do neutral  grip  pull-ups. Doing neutral grip is different, it’ll feel kind of weird at first, but I enjoyed doing them and it’s another way to attack the back.

Image result for neutral grip pull up

I like to do shoulders on my back day too. Here are some of my favorite shoulder workouts if you’re looking to build Mount Rushmore on your shoulders and to attack the three heads of your shoulder (front, mid, and rear). I like to start off with working my rear delts.

I’m sure some of you do a lot of presses, i.e.  bench press and overhead press. You might notice you’re be walking like a caveman. To fix this you want to open up and a great way to do this is by working on your rear delts.

I start off with the rear delt flies, like this I also liketo add   face pulls to work my rear delt even more. I just started incorporating them in my workout and I love them. Here’s how to do the lift by Omar Isuf

Image result for rear delt

Then I do the king of all shoulder workouts, the overhead press. I like to do strict overhead press, but some people like to do push presses and add  a little help from your legs. Here is a video by Omar Isuf for more help  with  the lift This is a great lift to get those boulder shoulders.

Image result for overhead press

I like to attack the mid head of your shoulders by doing shoulder dumbbell fly’s like this

Image result for lateral raises

I like to end it with dumbbell or barbells shrugs. You can do whichever you prefer, but I like to do dumbbell shrugs to grow them bear catching traps.

Image result for dumbbell shrugs


There you have it, my favorite back workouts to attack that back and shoulder workouts to get those boulder shoulders. Try adding some of these to your workout, you might like them too! You will hit your next goal, lose those last couple pounds, and get that PR! Don’t forget about time under tension, mind to muscle connection and most importantly remember  YES YOU KEN!!


  • Ken




2 thoughts on “Back Attack

  1. I love pullups! It took me a while to build up the strength to really smash them out but when you finally nail a few sets of 10 it really feels great! Real nice workout tips here, are you on fb at all? Would be awesome to have you part of our group of fitness enthusiasts. I reckon they’d love to see this as well. Here’s the link –

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