Sorry I haven’t been posting, life happened and I’ve been busy with that. I just got a couple new jobs and I’ve been working. I haven’t had time to write, but I want to write about when you hit a small bump on your way to your goal and give my 2 cents. Don’t worry if you slide off track on your goal or things come up and mess up your routine. Find a way where you can work around it. It’ll probably be super simple to fix

For example, I go to the gym Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I started a new job and I had to work those days. I just switch it up and go Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday instead. It’s a small bump but I make it work. I make sure I go 3 times a week with a day of rest in between. For me I feel like that’s more than enough. If you want to go more you can just cater it towards your schedule.

As for diet, maybe you ate one too many slices of pizza. You ate a little too much of that cake or had too many double doubles or craved for a munchies meal, don’t worry! Just remember one meal won’t make you skinny and one meal won’t make you fat. It’s if you constantly do that. Remember this is a lifestyle; it’s not easy to get those washboard abs, have that thigh gap, get that big booty, bust those sleeves, or get that dream body. If it was easy everybody would have their dream body. Sacrifices need to be made!

Remember you have to be consistent and stick to your regimen. It’s ok if you go off of it one day or eat too much, just have balance.  Patience is a virtue

What I like to do, if I ate bad one day or had too many rest days. I go even harder the next day in the gym. I would Fast for a longer period, run more, eat less calories, or go super hard in the gym. Just to make up for that  day. Remember to take this slow. It won’t happen in a day or two; it will take weeks, months, or even longer. Take it day by day. The end result will be worth it! You’ll be so proud of yourself and you’ll be looking in the mirror and say “dang all those sacrifices were worth it because I look too damn sexy right now!” Trust me, it will be worth it.

Just remember if you hit a small bump, don’t worry.  Just make it up in the gym, but keep in mind abs are made in the kitchen!  These are just small bumps. You can fix it and get back on track. YES YOU KEN!



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