I had some all you can eat Korean BBQ yesterday and I wanted to write about a topic I’m sure all of you love, cheat days. This is a day where you eat whatever you like and not have to worry about your diet. Things like In N Out, McDonald’s, ice cream, cookies, candy, anything you want really. You don’t have to worry about your diet and eat all the things you can’t eat while you are dieting.

I like to approach cheat days by having them once a week usually on the weekends. I work hard all week in the gym and on my diet so I can enjoy this cheat day to the fullest.

I like to plan my cheat days out. For example, maybe the day before the cheat day I’ll go to the grocery store and buy everything I want to eat. When the cheat day comes I eat a whole bunch of it until I don’t even want to see or taste another piece of cake or another scoop of ice cream.

Buy everything you are craving for, for your cheat day and eat it all. Don’t worry about calories because a pound of fat is 3500 calories. If you eat 500 calories over you daily caloric needs, you’ll only gain 1/5th of a pound of fat. For example I need about 2400 calories to maintain and if I eat 3000 calories I’m only eating 600 calories more than I need and that’ll only be about 1/5th of a pound of fat I’ll gain.  That isn’t much to ruin all your hard work you put in. A lot of you aren’t probably going to eat that much in a day  anyways so just cheat away!

Cheat days are great to have because it will not only keep you sane but it will satisfy a lot of your needs and working out and dieting will be a little bearable. Just don’t count the days until you have your cheat day because then you’ll just be working out for the cheat day. Still have your main goal in the back of your mind and take this day as just another day to relax and enjoy yourself. Hit that buffet you always wanted to go to, buy  ice cream and eat every flavor you’re  craving for, eat  3  doubles doubles, get some all you can eat Korean barbeque, get that munchies meal you always wanted to eat, get a baker’s dozen of donuts, eat some cheesecake and go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Eat everything your heart and stomach desires!

My favorite things to eat on my cheat days are donuts, Korean barbeque, In n Out, many fast food joints, Chinese takeout,  all kinds of chips, Filipino food, ice cream and all kinds of cookies.

Image result for donuts

There you have it, my take on cheat days. Remember to not let this day set you back from reaching your goal and just remember to enjoy yourself. This is only a day not a week or a month. Then when it comes to gym and diet time, work your tail off to reach that goal! YES YOU KEN!!



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