Sup everybody,

I wanted to write about some of the tricks I like to use to help me with my workout . These are things I do that help me with my lifts in terms of getting it up, making them easier, or giving me an edge.

First and foremost, I like to have a routine every time I set up for every lift. Doing this helps me prepare for the lift and helps me have a great lift. This is something small, but you’ll notice that it is really helpful. I make sure my hand placement is right, I have a good grip, breathing is on point, my body is positioned correctly and I’m mentally ready for the lift.

This is small but breathing really plays a big part in my lifts. Whether it is holding your breath or timing when you let it out. What I like to do when it comes to breathing. I like to take a deep breath when I lift the weight up holding my breath and let it out when I lift it up. When I bring the weight down, I like to take a deep breath while I control the weight going down. Lifting it up is where I slowly exhale, kind of making a hissing sound when I lift it up, to me this helps a lot with my lift.

I sometimes like to hold my breath while I do my reps, only if I’m comfortable with lifting the weight up. if the weight is too heavy I will not hold my breath and breathe like i explained. Holding my breath really helps me with lifting the weight up. I do as many reps as I can until you can’t hold your breath anymore. Try whatever works best for you.

Another great tip is to grip the weight has hard as you can before you’re ready to lift the weight up. Gripping the weight hard helps activate a lot of your muscles and it gives you an edge when it comes to lifting the weight up. I have routine before I start my lift. I first find the right placement for my hands, grip the weight hard, get mentally prepared for the lift, take a deep breath and hold it, then lift the weight. I do this for a lot of my lifts.

Another  tip I like to do a lot is counting my reps separately. What I mean by this is for example, I usually do a lot of reps per set. When I have like 6-8 reps, instead of counting 6 straight, I count up to 3 then another 3. Doing this helps me a lot mentally. Instead of thinking I have 6 reps left to finish the set. If I use this technique, I’ll end up saying I only have 2 or 1 more set left. It’s a small trick but it will helps me a ton.

I’ve written  about this before, but it’s something that I think helps a lot. It’s  listening to slow jams/RNB music when I stretch. After going hard during my workout. It’s nice to just relax and listen to some chill music while you are cooling down. It might not sound like it helps, but it really makes a huge difference when you’re cooling down. If you have Spotify follow me and check out my stretching playlist at Ktadeo90.

There you have it, some tips and tricks I like to use to help and give me an advantage during my workout. Try using some of these and they might be able to help you as well! You can do It, YES YOU KEN! That next goal isn’t too far away!



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