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Sorry I haven’t posting lately, the lazy and unmotivated bug bit me. I will start posting once a month, that way I can get some content to you and it’ll give me some time to write something. I didn’t post last month, it was a busy month and I didn’t get a chance to write one. I would love you guys to get more interactive with me; it will help motivate me to write more. I know I don’t have much credibility, but I believe the stuff I’m writing is very useful,  valuable information  and it can help you. I’ve done a lot of these and I have friends who have used my advice and it worked. Try some them out and it might work for you. If you’ve tried any of my advice and it worked for you. I would love to get your feedback and to see how you used it. Please send your questions, suggestions or anything   to

I wanted to bring this topic back because I believe it’s very important. I’ve been seeing this and hearing people not doing this, STRETCHING.  I see so many people who finish their workout and just bounce out the gym. I ask people about stretching and some say they don’t do it or don’t need to. I question their reason for not stretching and it amazes me to hear this. I believe stretching is one of the most important things to do when you work out. It’s the best thing to do to help prevent injury! Trust me, injuries suck. I’m sure many of you hate getting injured.

Maybe if I write about the benefits and importance of stretching many of you will consider taking the 10-20 min and stretch.  There are many benefits of stretching, but number one is preventing injury! It helps increase your mobility and range of motion which will help you out on all your lifts. It can help prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset muscle soreness) this is the pain and stiffness you feel hours to days after your workout. You now that feeling you get after leg day; you can help reduce that pain by stretching! Crazy huh?! It can also help your posture, you don’t want to be walking like a caveman or looking like the hunchback of Notre dame, right? Stretch!  If you’re an athlete, it can help you in your performance. You want to get first place and be holding that trophy up don’t you? Stretching can help boost your performance. Stretching is very relaxing; it can help your stress levels and keep you calm. I like to listen to slow jams while I stretch. It makes it even more relaxing for me.

Think of it like this, if you don’t stretch today. It won’t hurt you and you’ll feel alright after your workout, but if you constantly do it. All those days of not stretching will add up to your body and injuries will come. It won’t hurt you today but later on you will regret not stretching. You don’t want that do you? Do yourself and your body a favor and take time stretching, your future self will thank you! What do you have to lose by stretching? NOTHING!

There you have it,  my take on something I believe is crucial to your workout. My favorite stretch is the glute stretch I’ll do my best to keep getting content to you guys. Please give your feedback, comments, and suggestions. I would love them! Remember YES YOU KEN!

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