Stretch, stretch, Stretch!

Sup everybody,

Sorry I haven’t posting lately, the lazy and unmotivated bug bit me. I will start posting once a month, that way I can get some content to you and it’ll give me some time to write something. I didn’t post last month, it was a busy month and I didn’t get a chance to write one. I would love you guys to get more interactive with me; it will help motivate me to write more. I know I don’t have much credibility, but I believe the stuff I’m writing is very useful,  valuable information  and it can help you. I’ve done a lot of these and I have friends who have used my advice and it worked. Try some them out and it might work for you. If you’ve tried any of my advice and it worked for you. I would love to get your feedback and to see how you used it. Please send your questions, suggestions or anything   to

I wanted to bring this topic back because I believe it’s very important. I’ve been seeing this and hearing people not doing this, STRETCHING.  I see so many people who finish their workout and just bounce out the gym. I ask people about stretching and some say they don’t do it or don’t need to. I question their reason for not stretching and it amazes me to hear this. I believe stretching is one of the most important things to do when you work out. It’s the best thing to do to help prevent injury! Trust me, injuries suck. I’m sure many of you hate getting injured.

Maybe if I write about the benefits and importance of stretching many of you will consider taking the 10-20 min and stretch.  There are many benefits of stretching, but number one is preventing injury! It helps increase your mobility and range of motion which will help you out on all your lifts. It can help prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset muscle soreness) this is the pain and stiffness you feel hours to days after your workout. You now that feeling you get after leg day; you can help reduce that pain by stretching! Crazy huh?! It can also help your posture, you don’t want to be walking like a caveman or looking like the hunchback of Notre dame, right? Stretch!  If you’re an athlete, it can help you in your performance. You want to get first place and be holding that trophy up don’t you? Stretching can help boost your performance. Stretching is very relaxing; it can help your stress levels and keep you calm. I like to listen to slow jams while I stretch. It makes it even more relaxing for me.

Think of it like this, if you don’t stretch today. It won’t hurt you and you’ll feel alright after your workout, but if you constantly do it. All those days of not stretching will add up to your body and injuries will come. It won’t hurt you today but later on you will regret not stretching. You don’t want that do you? Do yourself and your body a favor and take time stretching, your future self will thank you! What do you have to lose by stretching? NOTHING!

There you have it,  my take on something I believe is crucial to your workout. My favorite stretch is the glute stretch I’ll do my best to keep getting content to you guys. Please give your feedback, comments, and suggestions. I would love them! Remember YES YOU KEN!

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Hard Work Dedication

Sup Everybody,

I’m going to start posting once a month. I’m running out of topics :(. If you have a topic suggestion, send it to my email! I’ve been asked by friends and co-workers, how do I find the motivation to work out and stay motivated. To be honest it’s really simple, I want to write about how to start and giving my two cents on beginning this process of transforming your body. I hope by the time you finish reading this you’re motivated enough to get out there and reach some goals.

First step is to find your why, why do you want to start this journey. Is it to lose weight and fit in that new dress/shirt you just bought?  Tired of being the skinny kid and want to have arms that can bust the sleeves of your old shirts or do you want to get stronger and be able to lift twice your weight? For me it was tired of being the small and skinny kid. I also wanted to become stronger and  more built. Living a healthier and fit lifestyle was an added benefit. No  matter what your goal is, you need to have one and stick to it.

Then do your research! Find a regimen that will work for you and only you. Honestly, everything I learned was all found on YouTube and received advice from friends. Everything I learned I used the trial and error technique. I figured out what works best for me and I stuck to it.  One way may work for someone else but not for you. Try it and see if it does. Remember this is all a process; you’re not going to get it in a day, week, or   even months. It could take years but just be patient and it will come to you.

Once you find a great workout regimen, try it. Learn how to do the workouts, research proper form and technique! You don’t want to get injured right when you begin this journey. Always keep your glass half full, you’re always learning in this lifestyle.

Once you start hitting the gym and getting your diet on track. You will start seeing your body transform and trust me you will love it. I loved seeing my body transform and me getting stronger. You start seeing your chest grow, pants get tighter, shirts get smaller, arms get bigger, and see those pounds fly off the scale. You learn to love the process; it’s amazing to see your body change.

On staying motivated, I like to tell my friends. Always keep that goal in the back of your mind. That’s a great way to stay motivated. You want to lose weight, how are you going to do that if you just stay at home or not do anything. How are you going to reach that goal by not doing anything? Your workout and diet is not going to work unless you do. Also make it fun, I have so much fun in the gym. Trying new workouts and seeing which ones I like to do I fun to me. With a great workout playlist, it’ll be even more fun.  It feels great when your song comes on the playlist while you’re doing your workout. It pumps me up even more.

Another  reason why I always stay motivated, I love the gym. It’s one of the best relationships I have.  When I’m feeling good, I can go to her and she’ll make me feel even better. When I’m stressed, she’s there to help me feel better.  She won’t fight back and she’ll make me better. I also love getting better every day and one way I can do that is to hit the gym. Once you start and make it a habit, you’ll start to enjoy it like I do. You’ll stop feeling  like you have to go and start wanting to go.


There will be days where you’ll feel like not going to the gym. Maybe it’s your body telling you to rest, hit it twice as hard the next day. Just make sure you don’t do it for a week or month straight. Once you start  feeling like you’re getting it right, you’ll want to keep going. Love the process is all I want you to do! Trust me it’s going to be great! It will be worth it in the end once you get the body you were working towards and you’ll be proud of yourself!

I tell all my friends all you need are two things hard work and dedication. With some added knowledge and research, your goals are closer than you think!

There you have it, my take on beginning this journey.  Just remember to love the process, be patient,  and YES YOU KEN!





Tips and tricks that help me in the gym

Sup everybody,

I wanted to write about some of the tricks I like to use to help me with my workout . These are things I do that help me with my lifts in terms of getting it up, making them easier, or giving me an edge.

First and foremost, I like to have a routine every time I set up for every lift. Doing this helps me prepare for the lift and helps me have a great lift. This is something small, but you’ll notice that it is really helpful. I make sure my hand placement is right, I have a good grip, breathing is on point, my body is positioned correctly and I’m mentally ready for the lift.

This is small but breathing really plays a big part in my lifts. Whether it is holding your breath or timing when you let it out. What I like to do when it comes to breathing. I like to take a deep breath when I lift the weight up holding my breath and let it out when I lift it up. When I bring the weight down, I like to take a deep breath while I control the weight going down. Lifting it up is where I slowly exhale, kind of making a hissing sound when I lift it up, to me this helps a lot with my lift.

I sometimes like to hold my breath while I do my reps, only if I’m comfortable with lifting the weight up. if the weight is too heavy I will not hold my breath and breathe like i explained. Holding my breath really helps me with lifting the weight up. I do as many reps as I can until you can’t hold your breath anymore. Try whatever works best for you.

Another great tip is to grip the weight has hard as you can before you’re ready to lift the weight up. Gripping the weight hard helps activate a lot of your muscles and it gives you an edge when it comes to lifting the weight up. I have routine before I start my lift. I first find the right placement for my hands, grip the weight hard, get mentally prepared for the lift, take a deep breath and hold it, then lift the weight. I do this for a lot of my lifts.

Another  tip I like to do a lot is counting my reps separately. What I mean by this is for example, I usually do a lot of reps per set. When I have like 6-8 reps, instead of counting 6 straight, I count up to 3 then another 3. Doing this helps me a lot mentally. Instead of thinking I have 6 reps left to finish the set. If I use this technique, I’ll end up saying I only have 2 or 1 more set left. It’s a small trick but it will helps me a ton.

I’ve written  about this before, but it’s something that I think helps a lot. It’s  listening to slow jams/RNB music when I stretch. After going hard during my workout. It’s nice to just relax and listen to some chill music while you are cooling down. It might not sound like it helps, but it really makes a huge difference when you’re cooling down. If you have Spotify follow me and check out my stretching playlist at Ktadeo90.

There you have it, some tips and tricks I like to use to help and give me an advantage during my workout. Try using some of these and they might be able to help you as well! You can do It, YES YOU KEN! That next goal isn’t too far away!


Cheat Days

I had some all you can eat Korean BBQ yesterday and I wanted to write about a topic I’m sure all of you love, cheat days. This is a day where you eat whatever you like and not have to worry about your diet. Things like In N Out, McDonald’s, ice cream, cookies, candy, anything you want really. You don’t have to worry about your diet and eat all the things you can’t eat while you are dieting.

I like to approach cheat days by having them once a week usually on the weekends. I work hard all week in the gym and on my diet so I can enjoy this cheat day to the fullest.

I like to plan my cheat days out. For example, maybe the day before the cheat day I’ll go to the grocery store and buy everything I want to eat. When the cheat day comes I eat a whole bunch of it until I don’t even want to see or taste another piece of cake or another scoop of ice cream.

Buy everything you are craving for, for your cheat day and eat it all. Don’t worry about calories because a pound of fat is 3500 calories. If you eat 500 calories over you daily caloric needs, you’ll only gain 1/5th of a pound of fat. For example I need about 2400 calories to maintain and if I eat 3000 calories I’m only eating 600 calories more than I need and that’ll only be about 1/5th of a pound of fat I’ll gain.  That isn’t much to ruin all your hard work you put in. A lot of you aren’t probably going to eat that much in a day  anyways so just cheat away!

Cheat days are great to have because it will not only keep you sane but it will satisfy a lot of your needs and working out and dieting will be a little bearable. Just don’t count the days until you have your cheat day because then you’ll just be working out for the cheat day. Still have your main goal in the back of your mind and take this day as just another day to relax and enjoy yourself. Hit that buffet you always wanted to go to, buy  ice cream and eat every flavor you’re  craving for, eat  3  doubles doubles, get some all you can eat Korean barbeque, get that munchies meal you always wanted to eat, get a baker’s dozen of donuts, eat some cheesecake and go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Eat everything your heart and stomach desires!

My favorite things to eat on my cheat days are donuts, Korean barbeque, In n Out, many fast food joints, Chinese takeout,  all kinds of chips, Filipino food, ice cream and all kinds of cookies.

Image result for donuts

There you have it, my take on cheat days. Remember to not let this day set you back from reaching your goal and just remember to enjoy yourself. This is only a day not a week or a month. Then when it comes to gym and diet time, work your tail off to reach that goal! YES YOU KEN!!


Don’t sweat the small bumps

Sorry I haven’t been posting, life happened and I’ve been busy with that. I just got a couple new jobs and I’ve been working. I haven’t had time to write, but I want to write about when you hit a small bump on your way to your goal and give my 2 cents. Don’t worry if you slide off track on your goal or things come up and mess up your routine. Find a way where you can work around it. It’ll probably be super simple to fix

For example, I go to the gym Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I started a new job and I had to work those days. I just switch it up and go Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday instead. It’s a small bump but I make it work. I make sure I go 3 times a week with a day of rest in between. For me I feel like that’s more than enough. If you want to go more you can just cater it towards your schedule.

As for diet, maybe you ate one too many slices of pizza. You ate a little too much of that cake or had too many double doubles or craved for a munchies meal, don’t worry! Just remember one meal won’t make you skinny and one meal won’t make you fat. It’s if you constantly do that. Remember this is a lifestyle; it’s not easy to get those washboard abs, have that thigh gap, get that big booty, bust those sleeves, or get that dream body. If it was easy everybody would have their dream body. Sacrifices need to be made!

Remember you have to be consistent and stick to your regimen. It’s ok if you go off of it one day or eat too much, just have balance.  Patience is a virtue

What I like to do, if I ate bad one day or had too many rest days. I go even harder the next day in the gym. I would Fast for a longer period, run more, eat less calories, or go super hard in the gym. Just to make up for that  day. Remember to take this slow. It won’t happen in a day or two; it will take weeks, months, or even longer. Take it day by day. The end result will be worth it! You’ll be so proud of yourself and you’ll be looking in the mirror and say “dang all those sacrifices were worth it because I look too damn sexy right now!” Trust me, it will be worth it.

Just remember if you hit a small bump, don’t worry.  Just make it up in the gym, but keep in mind abs are made in the kitchen!  These are just small bumps. You can fix it and get back on track. YES YOU KEN!


Back Attack


Back day is another favorite day of mine. I love doing back workouts and the pump you get from it. From Pull-ups to deadlifts and everything in between.  I believe having a strong back is key to being strong in all your other lifts. Here are my favorite back workouts.

Let’s start with the king of all back workouts, the deadlift.  This is another favorite lift of mine. I started doing sumo deadlift (wider stance) then I fell in love with doing conventional (shoulder length stance). This is the lift where form is key, if your form is crappy you’ll have a one way ticket to snap city and snap something. This isn’t only a great back lift, but it also hits other parts of your body. If you don’t know how to do this lift or you are having trouble with it here’s a video on how to do them It’s a little long but it’s worth not getting injured and learning how to do  the lift correctly.

Image result for deadlifts

Rows are another staple in my workout. I like doing seated cable rows, your gym should have something where you’re able to do these. I do close and wide grip to attack different parts of my back.

Image result for cable rows

If your gym has this, take advantage of it. The T bar row is another great lift to do, I do close and wide grip just to attack the back. You can do different variations of this lift if your gym doesn’t have this machine. For example sticking a bar in the corner and using a close grip attachment and then do some rows.

Image result for t bar rows

If your gym has this machine, I recommend doing it. To not only help hit the rear delt, but to hit your upper back even more. The high row machine, I  started doing these and I fell in love with them.

Image result for high row machine

I also like adding wide and close grip lat pull downs for more variations. Here is how to do the lat pull down You can use the different attachments to change the grips at your gym.


I like to end my workout with these, the good ol’ pull ups. I like to do two variations of the pull up.  I start off with doing regular pull ups, palms facing forward and a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Then I use a neutral grip where your palms are facing each other, your gym should have something where you are able to do neutral  grip  pull-ups. Doing neutral grip is different, it’ll feel kind of weird at first, but I enjoyed doing them and it’s another way to attack the back.

Image result for neutral grip pull up

I like to do shoulders on my back day too. Here are some of my favorite shoulder workouts if you’re looking to build Mount Rushmore on your shoulders and to attack the three heads of your shoulder (front, mid, and rear). I like to start off with working my rear delts.

I’m sure some of you do a lot of presses, i.e.  bench press and overhead press. You might notice you’re be walking like a caveman. To fix this you want to open up and a great way to do this is by working on your rear delts.

I start off with the rear delt flies, like this I also liketo add   face pulls to work my rear delt even more. I just started incorporating them in my workout and I love them. Here’s how to do the lift by Omar Isuf

Image result for rear delt

Then I do the king of all shoulder workouts, the overhead press. I like to do strict overhead press, but some people like to do push presses and add  a little help from your legs. Here is a video by Omar Isuf for more help  with  the lift This is a great lift to get those boulder shoulders.

Image result for overhead press

I like to attack the mid head of your shoulders by doing shoulder dumbbell fly’s like this

Image result for lateral raises

I like to end it with dumbbell or barbells shrugs. You can do whichever you prefer, but I like to do dumbbell shrugs to grow them bear catching traps.

Image result for dumbbell shrugs


There you have it, my favorite back workouts to attack that back and shoulder workouts to get those boulder shoulders. Try adding some of these to your workout, you might like them too! You will hit your next goal, lose those last couple pounds, and get that PR! Don’t forget about time under tension, mind to muscle connection and most importantly remember  YES YOU KEN!!


  • Ken



Typical day of eating


I wanted to give you guys my typical day of eating. You might get some ideas of what to eat to help you reach those goals!

Right now I’m maintaining my weight, long story short. The life threatening accident I had a couple years back is stopping me from putting on muscle. My left side is still weak from the traumatic brain injury I suffered and it wouldn’t make sense to and have one side be bigger than the other. So right now I’m just maintaining my weight and having fun when I hit the gym. Trying out different lifts and seeing which ones I like and will be good to do once I’m fully recovered.  I’m 5’ 7” 150lbs and eat around 2400 calories.

I go to the gym 3 days a week (MWF) in the morning and don’t really track what I eat on my off days.  I usually start my fast depending on how bad I ate on my off day and fast for 16-19 hours.  I stop eating around 7-9 and won’t eat until 2-3 the next day.

My typical day on the days I work out goes like this. Right before I hit the gym, I drink a cup of coffee 20-30 min before my workout. I don’t need much caffeine to give me the energy to kill a workout and a cup of coffee usually does the trick. When I feel like I want go extra hard I take 500 mg of l-tyrosine with my cup of coffee.  I’m at the gym for an hour and a half to 2 hours and break my fast according to how late I ate the day before.

My post workout meal consists of a protein shake and waffles made with Kodiak cakes brand mix. I like to break my fast with a protein shake and I like to  add  dark chocolate to my waffles for some healthy fats and top it off with some lite syrup. This comes to about 310 calories per waffle with the chocolate, and syrup. I usually have 2 servings of the waffles. Protein shakes usually come out to around 140 calories. That’s 450 calories for a waffle and a shake.

Image result for kodiak cakesImage result for optimum nutrition whey

Then maybe 30 min to an hour later I’ll have some cereal and dried fruit. I’m a big cereal fan and to add more calories, fiber, and vitamins I like to add dried fruit. I usually buy “healthy” cereal i.e. cheerios, hone bunches of oats, special k, Kashi, and whatever else you like. Dried fruit I usually buy them at Costco and get that bulk price.  All of this together with milk will comes to around 400 calories. I say that would be great for one meal.You can use whole milk or 2% whatever fits best for you.

Image result for honey bunches of oatsImage result for dried craisins

For my main meal I prepare pasta. Pasta bought in bulk from Costco and ground turkey also bought in bulk from Costco. You can use any sauce, but I prefer red sauce. Classico and Bertolli brand to be exact. You can use any sauce but the calories and macro-nutrients will change. The pasta meal comes out to around 500 calories.You can add whatever you like to your pasta (spices, vegetables, or cheese), but remember to keep in track of the calories and macros

.Image result for ancient grain penne pastaImage result for bertolli pasta sauceImage result for ground turkey 93/7 foster

I like to eat snack in between meals. For example I have fiber one bars to add some fiber to my diet. The bar I eat is 140 calories per bar. I sometimes eat nuts, cookies, anything I can find the fill in the rest of my calories and that fits my macros if I need to eat some more.e creative and eat whatever fits in yours.


I eat the same meal every time I work out and to keep me sane and keep things “juicy”. I like to add some cereal to my diet i.e. lucky charms, captain crunch, and any interesting one I find at the store. Right now I have this blueberry pancake captain crunch cereal that is pretty damn delicious. This meal comes to around 300 calories. This will sort of be my dessert. If you like ice cream, skinny cow is a favorite of mine. It’s great tasting and has great macros.

Image result for blueberry pancake captain crunchImage result for skinny cow ice cream

There you have it, my full day of eating. This is an example of what I eat on my days I go to the gym. I hope you got some ideas on food to eat when you hit the gym from reading this! Remember you can mess around with this and make them perfect for you. For example add more than one serving and have a bigger meal, don’t have to add dried fruit and add fresh fruit instead,  or you can take out the cereal all together and replace it with another treat and  whatever fits around your macros. Thanks for reading and remember YES YOU KEN!